Mark Sneddon - Environment Artist
Shipped Titles:

Professional Experience
  • Creative Assembly (August 2014 - Current)
  • Unannounced Title - Technical Artist
    • Design and ownership of texture/material authoring pipeline for AAA next-gen title
      • Evaluation of shader requirements, providing shaders specification to code dept
      • Provide proposal for texture authoring pipeline (including procedural/manual authoring, content management tools/source control integration, intermediate texture formats)
    • Middleware evaluation, point of contact for middleware providers
    • Author/Owner of PBR shading documentation/best practice for whole studio (multiple AAA teams/projects)
  • Creative Assembly (April 2012 - August 2014)
  • Alien: Isolation - Technical Artist
    • Supporting the Art team
      • Streamlining production processes (Middleware evaluation / C# and Maxscript tools development
      • Technical debugging of art assets
      • Performance profiling & optimisation on all (5) target platforms
    • Proactively developing the art pipeline with new tech and refining current tech
      • Improving/Refining pre-existing shader tech
      • Prototyping new shader tech and methods
    • Ownership of material/shader authoring pipeline and procedural material library
      • Developed tools, documentation, best practice, quality benchmark for global library of procedural materials using new physically-based shading model
      • Worked closely with graphics programming team to develop and refine shader features and technical implementation (and performance)
      • Owner of procedural material library/textures for the project
        • (est 90%+ environmental shaders/materials)
  • British Academy of Film and Television Arts (February 2012)
  • Award Juror
    • Invited by BAFTA to act as a juror for the GAME British Academy Video Games Awards - award for Artistic Achievement in videogames.
  • Creative Assembly (March 2011 - April 2012)
  • Alien: Isolation - Environment Artist
    • Creating compelling environments (concept through to final art)
      • Modular assets / large bespoke environment sections
        • Cinematic set-pieces (including animation)
      • Visual style development and refinement
  • Monochrome (2009 - 2011)
  • Freelance 3D Artist
    off-site freelance
    • Created first-person weapons
    • Created environment props
Mod / Amateur Experience

Nationality: British
Location: Brighton, UK

Key Skills
  • Speciality in hard-surface modelling & materials
  • Physically-Based Rendering
  • Performance optimisation
  • Pro-active problem-solver
  • Strong technical ability including tool/pipeline development
  • Able to critically analyse and deconstruct artwork
  • Able to work well in a team environment
  • Strong work ethic and cooperative attitude


Software Knowledge
  • 3D Studio Max (Expert)
    • MaxScript
  • Photoshop
  • Zbrush (Basic)
    • Unreal engine (Basic)
    • Entity engine (Expert)
  • Visual Studio
    • C#
    • .NET

  • Jude Bond - Art Lead, Creative Assembly
  • Andrew Oakley - Lead Technical Artist, Creative Assembly
  • Mike Bailey - Lead Engine Programmer, Creative Assembly
  • Mark Radcliffe - Lead Environment Artist, Creative Assembly
  • “Mark is a highly competent technical artist capable of taking a fictional universe and imbuing it with the fine detail needed to give it both weight and realism. In addition he is a pro-active and confident member of the team who can be trusted to research and effectively communicate ways of ensuring that the quality of in-game visuals are preserved without compromising performance.”
    • Oli Smith - Producer, Creative Assembly
  • “Mark is an intuitive technical artist who isn’t afraid to take on and own key responsibilities within the project. He has a strong understanding of how to make high quality 3D art and shares his knowledge with his team mates improving the whole game. A genuinely passionate guy.”
    • Kim Clarke - Associate Producer, Creative Assembly
  • “Mark is a gifted artist with a genuine understanding of the vital working relationship between environment art and design. Mark's cross discipline communication is excellent and his technical and creative approach to problem solving has established him as a valuable asset within the Creative Assembly console team.”
    • Simon Adams - Design Group Lead, Creative Assembly
  • "I’d like to express my great pleasure in working with Mark for the last 4 years both on my Half-Life 2 Modification “Zombie Panic:Source” which has been the top played HL2 mod for 2 years running which couldn’t have been achieved without him, and Monochrome’s latest title “Contagion”. He has been a valuable and meticulous artist who has never been late to deliver and always exceeded expectations. I can’t think of a more reliable and talented artist I’ve worked with.”
    • Brian Comer - President, Monochrome
  • “Very accepting of thorough constructive criticism, Mark looks to better his work as a whole, because he knows that if his work is better, the project will benefit tremendously. He listens very well to the needs of his leaders and peers, and without fail he meets those needs above the bar each and every time... Mark follows the art direction of the project he is working on to the absolute "T". His modelling skills are always improving, and because he has such a keen eye for detail, the assets he creates can be very convincing to the target audience. On a personal level, Mark is a very easy going guy and he truly cares about making great friends, and great games.”
    • Josh Lennen - Art Lead, Monochrome

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