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I also occasionally make suggestions to Simon (the owner) about how to improve the site.

There is a section on photography which is going to go here when I find time. 1am is not a good time to do this. For now here's a few shots I have to hand:

Myself and my partner in crime Oivind K. Foss have been messing about making gaming videos for quite a while. Oivind made his start with the release of Fananation in 2006, and myself with Strafe in 2006. We decided to buddy up and criticise the hell out of each other's movies in the vain hope to avoid embarassing mistakes and oversights. Since pairing up, we've released a few movies under the nineLegends banner (nineLegends being firstly Oivind's competetive gaming team, but secondly a loose affiliation of friends who play games together) including but not limited to (!) nineLegends: Origins which charted the rise of the team, Radial which was a compilation of 4 years worth of tournament highlights and Army of Wltrs, a celebration of one of Europe's consistantly dominant players, Robin T. "wltrs" Brinkestal. Every movie we have produced under the nineLegends banner so far has been widely acclaimed.
We've also done various other things like created the NL.ns and NS Movie Edition customization packs.

You can find more information on and download links for my movie Radial on the release page. You're not getting a download link for Strafe, so don't even ask. It was awful.

I'm currently putting the finishing touches to Derezzed, a short movie featuring jaw-dropping highlights from career-defining performances of a number of world-famous professional Counter-Strike players. I'm putting the finishing touches to the post effects and hope to be able to release quite soon.
Unlike Radial, I'm playing with high-def and motion blur in this baby. I finally decided to get with the times (woopwoop?).

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